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The Perfect Option For The Urban Student

We are proud to serve the students at Metro State University in the heart of downtown, Denver.

If you are a college student at the University, you will appreciate the easiness of our storage. You can count on our flexible and low storage rate options if your parents have already converted your bedroom into a home gym or reading room.

Our month-to-month lease allow you to rent your unit for just the right amount of time. There is no reason to pack up your car when you can keep your belongings closer to campus over the summer months. Our affordable storage dorm options eliminate the need to transport them any great distance.

We will also store your bike since your dorm room is likely short on space. You can pick it up at our facility when the weather is nice, and you want to use your bike around town.

College students move a lot! Here are some quick tips our team put together for your next move:

Clothing: We have distinct seasons here in Denver. Using plastic bins over cardboard boxes will help prevent moisture from reaching your clothing.

Labels: It’s important to stay organized before, during and after your move. That’s why you should keep a permanent marker handy for labeling every box you pack.

Books: Don’t fill an entire box with large books. This will make the box too heavy for most people to lift.

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